Our Services

Techno Management provides different Services in the Domain of Human Resources Management. Below our basic services in this domain :

  • Human Resources Planning
  • Job Analysis
  • Human Resources Recruitment & Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Training and Career Development
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Human Resources Training Programs

Human Resources Planning
Rapturous Consultants will work closely with The Customer to plan for the organization’s human resources. Human Resource Planning involves the following tasks:

  • Identify and document the different HR process that will govern all the HR activities within the organization.
  • Establish a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that will help the organization to streamline the HR activities.
  • Work closely with the organization to implement the HRMS and follow up on the implementation to ensure a successful roll out.
  • Identify the right number and type of employees that are necessary to implement a chosen business plan or the organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Identify and initiate programs needed to develop organizational capabilities upon which future strategies can be built.
  • Forecasting demand for labour, performing supply analysis, and balancing supply and demand consideration.

Job Analysis

Rapturous Consultants will work closely with The Customer to analyse the organization’s jobs and design them to achieve the organization’s objective and at the same time satisfies the needs of the employees who will do them. This service involves the following tasks:

  • Determining the Job Requirements for every post in the organization, that will reflect the different duties, tasks, and responsibilities contained in jobs.
  • Producing the Job Description in a format that will contain a job title, a job identification section, and main duties and responsibilities.
  • Producing the Job Specification in format that will contain, education, experience, specialized training technical skills, interpersonal skills and behavioural attributes necessary for job success.

Human Resources Recruitment & Selection
In this service, Rapturous Consultants will do the recruiting and selection process. This can be as an integrated joint service or a completely outsourced one. This service involves the following tasks:

  • Identify the staffing management system for the organization. The staffing management system will perform the following functionality:
  • a.Tracking application information

    b. Scanning resumes

    c. Making the information immediately accessible to line managers to search online for internal and external talents.

  • Provide as much reliable and valid information as possible about applicants so that their qualifications can be carefully matched with job specifications.
  • Perform the screening process to short list candidates.
  • Go through the interviewing process and provide The Customer with the recommended candidate or set of candidates.

Performance Management
Rapturous Consultants will help The Customer to measure their organizational strategic objectives with their operational objectives. Techno Management will guide the organization in implementation of the Performance Management programs through the following steps:

  • Identify the purpose of Performance Management Program.
  • Identify the required Performance Management Method.
  • Establish the Performance Management rights and responsibilities.
  • Apply the Performance Management program phases.
  • Set the rating definitions.

Training and Career Development

  • Training and Development
  • Rapturous Consultants will work with The Customer to implement the four phases of this service as follows:

    1 – Needs Assessments

    a. Organization analysis

    b. Task analysis

    c. Employee analysis

    2 – Design

    a. Instructional objectives

    b. Trainee readiness

    c. Learning principles

    3 – Implementation

    a. On-the-job methods

    b. Off-the-job methods

    c. Management development

    4 – Evaluation

    a. Reactions

    b. Learning

    c. Behaviour

    d. Results


  • Career Development
  • Rapturous Consultants will set the guidelines for the organization to develop the employee’s career and help to achieve a high retention rate within the organization. The guidelines will help the organization to do the following tasks:
    1- Match individual and organization needs

    a. Encourage employee ownership of career.

    b. Create a supportive context.

    c. Communicate direction of company.

    d. Establish mutual goal setting and planning.

    2- Identify career opportunities & requirements

    a. Identify future competency needs.

    b. Establish job progressions and career paths.

    c. Balance promotions, transfers, exits.

    3- Gauge Employee Potential.

    a. Measure competencies (appraisals).

    b. Establish talent inventories.

    c. Establish succession plans.

    4- Introduce Career Development initiatives.

    a. Provide workshops.

    b. Provide career self-management training.

    c. Give developmental feedback.

    Compensation & Benefits

  • Compensation
  • Rapturous Consultants will work closely with The Customer to reach to the most suitable wage structure that is compliant with the wage curve, pay grades, and rate ranges. This service will enable The Customer to achieve the following:
    1- To reward employee’s past performance
    2- To remain competitive in the labor market
    3- To maintain salary equity among employees
    4- To mesh employees future performance with organization goals.
    5- To control the compensation budget
    6- To attract new employees
    7- To reduce unnecessary turnover


  • Incentive Rewards
  • Incentive plans emphasize a shared focus on organizational objectives by broadening the opportunities for incentives to employees throughout the organization. Below are the major output of this service:

    1- Characteristics of a successful incentive plan:
    2- Financial incentives that are linked to valued behavior.
    3- Fair incentive program.
    4- Challenging, yet achievable productivity and quality standards.
    5- Simple and understandable pay out formulas.


  • Employee Benefits
  • Rapturous Consultants will work with the customer to develop the most appropriate benefit plans. These plans include, but not limited to the following:

    1- Pension
    2- Variable pay
    3- Worker’s compensation
    4- Health benefits
    5- Time-off programs.
    Human Resources Training Programs
    Rapturous Consultants provides the following Human Resources programs:

  • Fundamentals of Human Resources.
  • Strategic Human Resources Planning.
  • Performance Management and Appraisal.
  • Recruitment, Selection and Hiring.
  • Fundamentals of Compensation.
  • Job Analysis.
  • Developing Effective Training.